The Skin Gallery

The Skin Gallery

The Art of Skin Health

Feel Beautiful and Fresh Through Our Skin Care Treatments

Escape from your stressors by unwinding at The Skin Gallery. We have an assortment of skin care treatments and waxing services to make you look livelier and more refreshed. Our team can treat all kinds of skin concerns, using only effective and up-to-date modalities. Pre-teen and older clients in Long Beach, California are welcome to take advantage of our services.

Special Offer

We offer first-time clients a 60-dollar all-inclusive specific skin treatment that is originally worth $150. Committed clients may also take advantage of special offers through our customer loyalty incentive programs.

Skin Treatments

Oxygen Infusion - $125

98% pure oxygen delivery system designed to infuse skin-specific treatment serums to correct and prevent your skin concerns

Intense Bio-Cell Lifting - $125

A multi-peptide anti-aging infusion incorporating ultrasound to deeply penetrate, lift, tighten, and hydrate your skin

Intense Moisture Infusion - $110

Hyaluronic acid blended with three potent peptides and five exotic oils to deeply smooth and hydrate your skin and keep it firm

Four-Layer Infusion - $125

Using elements of the sea, this warming treatment hydrates, detoxifies, and repairs frustrated skin. Its variations are:

  • Hydrating

  • Acne

  • Anti-Redness

The Antiox- $99  

Vitamin C-based treatment to tighten, lighten, and brighten stressed and tired skin

Acne Exclusive - $95

Designed to target each grade of acne, this treatment is customized with different strategies for each individual circumstance

Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion-$65

Brighten re-texturize and smooth dull skin with this non invasive treatment

Note: All treatments can incorporate other modalities that work synergistically together. Prices depend on the combination of treatments.


Waxing Services

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Full Face


Brow Design


Brow Clean






Full Leg


Half Leg (Lower)


Half Leg (Upper)


Back or Chest




Bikini Line (High Cut)


Bikini Line (Low Cut)


Arms (Half)


Arms (Full)




*Note: Small additional areas may be added for an additional fee.

Additional Services

  • Brow Color - $20
  • Fibroblast Skin Lift - $600 -$800 per area

  • Lash Color - $25
  • Skin Tag Removal/Spot Removal - $60 and up